Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Coffee in the city...

Oh my where have you been!!?? Ok it is me not you... I have been:
A) busy graduating and writing papers
2) Having technical issues with blogger... (2 blog posts lost :( )

but enough with this non-edible mumbo jumbo!

With all this studying Coffee had been my best friend as of late.
Ice coffee and regular Starbucks lattes can get monotonous and bland... So if you are as bored as I was here are a few fun suggestions to keep you burning the midnight oil (or the morning oil for that matter)without burning out your tastebuds.

Tired of coffee all together but still want a little jolt?
Try Star Coffee Bar's maté Latte.
Yerba maté is a plant grown in northeastern Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and southern Brazil. It has less of a kick than coffee for me but does the trick when I need to stay up to meet a deadline. I prefer my maté late with soy :)
Star Coffee bar also has free Internet (yea!!) and if you still want your cafe au lait you are in luck, because they roast there own beans with care, you will get a perfect cuppa joe(soo much better than Starbucks).
Click here for more Star info

If you are looking for some espresso to kick your butt back into gear I recommend going to the new and AWESOME Wormhole Cafe in Wicker park.
They have amazing Vanilla lattes BUT I had the most amazing coffee based drink of my life there and it included Cayenne pepper. It was called 2 different things when i went the last 2 times but it included a shot of espresso, a bit o milk, agave syrup and cayenne pepper... Perfectly spicy and sweet :).
They also have unique teas. I had one that was made of the husks of Coffee Cherries... I was awake for 2 days after that!! wooo...
Click here for more info on Wormhole Ps. They also have free Internet annnnd they are open til midnight!!!

Ok Ta ta for now I still have a tad bit of work to do. But let me know where you get your cuppa joe....!

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