Wednesday, April 28, 2010


As a preface to this letter, I know writing about Hot Doug's in Chicago is not original. Everyone loves it, including the king of the foodies Anthony Bourdain. But I cannot contain myself any longer and would like to indulge myself by singing their praises.
Dear Hot Doug's,
A love letter to you coming from a person whose only source of meat is fish may seem strange to many. It is well known across the foodie-dom that your love for encased meats is all encompassing. With this fact well known, a person who is ignorant to your ways may not be aware that you cater to people like myself and the stricter vegetarian crowd too.
I often drool reading about the "game of the week" and other sausages on your list. This is not at the sausages themselves, but the list of delectable and sometimes exotic toppings that you offer. Nothing is better on a perfectly charred veggie dog than Spicy Peanut sauce Snow White cheese and black sesame seeds or Garlicky Dijon mustard and Moody Blue Cheese... Nom!! And one cannot forget the classic Chicago dog!! hmmm its hard to just choose one!!
So in short thank you Hot Doug's, for making me usually bland veggie dog interesting and delish. You Rock my world!!
What I got on a veggie dog

and this one

ooof I'm Still FULL!!
PS: hows about a salmon sausage?

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