Thursday, April 29, 2010

Water Bobble Challange

It takes a lot to get me to drink water... I never could do it... something so plain tasting ew... a waste of my taste-buds time. With the few exceptions, including gulps and gulps after gym class or a hard day at the park, to drink water when I was younger seemed like a severe punishment. No koolaid, no OJ, no Coke? Ewww I would rather die of thirst!
while I now try to stay away from things that are too sweetened, I do love Juices and naturally sweetened sodas (Reeds Ginger-ale, anyone?). But as far as water drinking goes, things pretty much remain the same. The only time I will drink copious amounts of water (and by copious I would mean 1 whole standard bottle of bottled water)is when I am in my Bikram class and sweat like a cute but still very sweaty pig.
A few days ago fellow blogger and Beau DJ Intel Found the coolest thing for water possibly ever. The Bobble!!! It filters your water for you with each sip! The Bobble comes complete with a colorful activated carbon filter that does all the magic and lasts 2 months(the bottle with filter is $9.99 plus S&H the replacement filters are $6.99 plus S&H) The savings is evident right away.
So here is my challenge!
I am giving up other non-alcoholic beverages ( no juice, no Izze, no Reed's etc..)Occasional Wine and beer is ok (i am a foodie) but NO mixed drinks with anything but SODA or water!
aaaannnnd I am going to try to drink the recommended amount of water every day (9 cups for ladies)
For 30 days!!
I, for one, think everyone else I know should do it with me...
No more wasted water bottles, wasting money, wasting water and killing the earth with plastic( I am the queen of leaving half empty water bottles around.)
Not only am I saving money and the planet I am also saving calories that I can use toward more NOMS!
Here is where you can get your Bobble Bobblicous

Let me know if you join in!!!


  1. Wow! Gd Luck!!! That Bobble looks Pretty Dope! I might have to invest in that!

  2. Thanks!! it is my first day but I loove it

  3. I gave soda up for ten days and it nearly killed me! I also gave up all types of sugar and carbs. I hate water too, and the only thing I could drink besides water was Wyler's Light. BLEEEEEEEEAH!
    Also the link from your other blog to here isn't working!

  4. My mom turned me on to the Bobble way. I myself was responsible for many empty water bottles that end up in land fills all over the world. I live in Philly so tap water here tastes like #$%#&! Bottled water was convenient and easy. Until now. I love water and I love my Bobble. I would accept your challenge, but I'm already doing it.Alcohol excluded of course. :)

  5. ahhh I haven't been able to drink 9 glasses a day!! any tips?

  6. I don't drink coffee or any hot beverage really so it's easy for me to get the first 2 glasses down early. Generally speaking I'll be 3-4 glasses deep before lunch. I rarely eat without drinking so I get at least one more with Lunch. The remainder come when I'm at the gym with dinner and in the form of a protein shake sometimes. Not sure where you live, but this is much easier to accomplish in the warmer months.

    Good luck!